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You might have seen my Manual of Me — I use my own Manual as the example of what you might include in yours. Take a look here.

Look! My face! And a cup of coffee!

But wait! You’ve got lovely images and magic modules like dynamic working hours and custom questions! I don’t have those features available to me?

That’s right, I have additional features on my Manual of Me, not because I’m super special, but because I have upgraded to…

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So, you’ve created a Manual of Me, spent time choosing your questions, completing your answers, and filled out your account profile. Congrats, you’re the newest member of our community!

But now, perhaps you’re on your phone, on a different laptop, logging in from smart fridge — how do you access…

With our new Manual of Me for Teams functionality, team leaders can create a team of people, choose the questions they’d like their team to answer and share with each other, and invite team mates — all via our platform.

Each team member is sent an invite email which allows…

Manual of Me works for brilliantly for individuals — where someone can create their own Manual, choose what they want to include, and then share it with colleagues.

But when you’re working as a team, it can be helpful to have a central place where you can all see each…

Increasing numbers of businesses and teams are using a personal user manual to help their people get to know each other, but so often they’re done once — perhaps as part of a team-based exercise or on-boarding process, and not returned to again.

I think that’s a mistake for three…

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Over the past years of talking about using a Manual of Me, a concern which comes up fairly regularly is whether sharing how you want to work could feel like you’re being selfish or demanding.

Here’s the truth — a Manual of Me isn’t telling anyone to do something, but…

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The idea of sharing your needs and working preferences is not new.

Understanding and communication of your needs is the cornerstone of any positive relationship, and there are numerous tools, techniques and templates applied to personal, professional and interpersonal relationships, rooted in fundamental concepts from counselling, coaching and psychology.


Matthew Knight

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