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We recently delivered a Manual of Me workshop programme for teams at LinkedIn to help them focus on building stronger relationships and ways of working. Here’s what we did together.

Matthew Knight
3 min readSep 9, 2022
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Josh W. contacted us to explore how we could use a Manual of Me to support a number of teams within his department at LinkedIn, after a colleague who had previously used our platform shared the concept.

“Working on a global team presents some unique challenges in terms of communication and working styles. Our team was looking for some ways to tackle these challenges, and we heard about Manual of Me through some colleagues who raved about the program and the benefits it brought to their teams.”

We kickstarted the process working with Josh to understand what he was looking for, and quickly decided that the best approach would be to include his colleagues who also lead teams, to co-design the workshop session. We brought the group together and identified a number of key challenges they were experience, and wanted to tackle using Manual of Me.

Once we had a clear understanding of what the team leaders were hoping to support their teams with — we set about designing a workshop which would bring together 40 people from across six teams within LinkedIn, across a number of different disciplines, geographies and timezones.

We briefed the team leaders in on what we’d be doing on the collaborative day, and got them involved immediately by kickstarting their Manual of Me to share in the session, and invited them to lead breakout groups.

The half-day session was delivered digitally — and our workshop combined playful activities, conversational discussions, and self-directed work as individuals, breakout rooms and as a single group.

“Matthew and his program definitely did not disappoint! The workshops allowed our teams the opportunity to engage in some introspective reflection while still building stronger bonds with their fellow teammates. The activities were thought provoking, but also entertaining, and allowed our teams to work toward building a better global organization.”

The teams left the session with a structure for their own Manual, some insights and discoveries about their colleagues, and a discussion around what next — how they’d start to integrated Manual of Me into their ways of working, and continue to develop it over time.

“Matthew is a pleasure to work with and has so many great ideas on how to engage participants into ultimately building their own Manual of Me. I would highly recommend Manual of Me to any leaders who are looking for a fun and creative way to build stronger relationships amongst their teams.”

We’ll be checking back in with Josh and team to see how their Manual of Me is developing in the coming months.

Manual of Me is a concept which helps people explore and explain how they work best together. Our online platform allows individuals to create their own manual for free and helps teams create manuals together. We also run workshops and consulting programmes to help organisations implement Manual of Me within their teams.

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